Sunday, December 28, 2014

                                                      Ava and her BFF-Paige
                                               Mommy and words sometimes
                                                                     Field Day
                      Last day of 2nd and PreK couldn't have asked for better years for them.
                                                 Basketball camp with Coach Slone
                                                                   Go Ella!

                                                              Mila Jo and Ava
                                                         Love these crazy little girls!
                                                           Harper loves selfies
                                     We made it to time for dinner!!! woohoo!
                                       Kids couldn't wait to get in water...clothes and all :)
                                                          Sisters......lifelong friends!
                                                        digging in the sand...
                                                             Hula Hoop action
                                                                  Mexicano food
                                                                      all the kids
                                               Ella and the one and only....Aurora
                                                                     Harper Beth
                                                               Papa and his girls!
                                                                     My family
                                             My daddy and lucky to have them
                                             Easton,J, and Nickie and crackin the legs :0

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